A Child-Focused Parenting Arrangement...

Starts With You

The truth is that it is often hard to transition through conflict into a neutral business-like arrangement with the other parent of your child. The good news is that there are perspectives and skills that can make the transition and the rest of your life feel lighter and easier.

When both of you truly want what's best for your child/ren, then there is a way forward...even if seems far away right now. 

We designed this program because we believe: 

  • The gap between how we want to behave and how we do behave in the moment starts to close with personal awareness and management
  • Skills are powerful when employed for the benefit of all
  • Co-parenting, can be a neutral partnership that is child-focused
  • It is possible for a child’s parents to be divorced and not feel like they come from a ‘broken home’
  • The cycle of trauma moves through generations and a decision is required to end that cycle forever
  • You can feel empowered to find solutions that work for everyone
  • Our templates and processes can guide co-parents through areas that usually are fraught with conflict
  • You can be confident as a parent and create a child focused environment where the child will flourish and feel encouraged to love both parents

The Awakened Parenting Program Includes:

Each week:

+Skill development focus +Milestones to keep you on track +Expert facilitated group sessions for deep learning +Self-paced study and practice

Will this course benefit you?

If one or more of these apply to you, this program will deliver life-changing value.

  • Separated/divorced parents seeking to reduce or eliminate being stuck in the conflict cycle

  • Parents committed to keeping their child/ren out of the middle of the conflict

  • Parents who need a more cost effective separation/divorce

  • Parents looking for guidance to move from being 'Ex's to functioning co-parents

  • Parents willing to find common ground for the sake of their child/ren

  • Single parents committed to moving beyond separation/divorce even if the other parent is not cooperating

  • Parents seeking a peaceful resolution to their conflict

What to expect

throughout the Awakened Parenting Program

  • Blended Learning

    Blended learning is the sought after style of online program. It is a weave of self-paced and facilitated elements to achieve a deep learning experience that lasts.

  • Amazing Facilitators

    Experienced and knowledgeable facilitators make all the difference. Each cohort will be different and our facilitators are empowered to adapt and keep your experience relevant.

  • Plan for 8 Weeks

    Your Welcome & Orientation begins a week before the program launches. Seven weekly modules follow to build and deliver key knowledge and experience

  • One Thing At A Time

    We help you stay focused by unlocking your self-paced eLearning at the start of each week. Complete the videos and personal exercises to take full advantage of the facilitated sessions.

  • Program Materials

    There are a number of materials we use in our program that set you up for success (journal, handouts, guide etc.). and can be printed at home or used online.

  • Certificate Program

    Successful completion of all online and experiential elements of this program will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion in recognition of your new skills and knowledge.

Our Program Founder on Negotiation

Joanna M. Shaw Hons., BA, LLB, MES, LLM, ACC. Mediator

"We encourage people to negotiate from a place of mindfulness and compassion with their future, and that of their children, at the fore. The well-being of both our clients and their families are of the utmost importance. I believe that healthier families lead to healthier communities, which, in turn, lead to a healthier world."

Course curriculum

    1. A message from Joanna Shaw

    2. How to use this platform

    3. Program Resources (please read thoroughly)

    4. Awakened Parenting Intake

    1. Program Overview

    2. Awakened Parenting Program Pre-Assessment

    3. How to Get the Most Value From This Program

    4. Foundational Concepts

    5. Putting it Into Practice - Hopes & Dreams

    1. Overview: Finding Perspective – A child’s point of view

    2. You May Not Know...

    3. A Child's Self Esteem

    4. Putting it into Practice

    5. Notes From Your Live Session

    1. Overview: Personal Awareness for Parents

    2. Personal Awareness: Our Physical Experience

    3. Personal Awareness: World of Emotions

    4. Personal Awareness: Power for Your Thoughts

    5. Personal Awareness: Finding Your Location in Time

    6. Personal Awareness: Actions Are Clues

    7. Personal Awareness: Reactions of Others

    8. Personal Awareness: Brain Waves and Our Daily Rhythms

    9. Learning to Meditate

    10. Putting It Into Practice

    1. Overview: Mindset - All About You

    2. Mindset: Nature of Control

    3. Mindset: Fault vs. Responsibility

    4. Mindset: Nature of Blame

    5. Mindset: Forgiveness is For You

    6. Mindset: Gratitude

    7. Putting it into Practice

    1. Overview: Communication – Hear and be Heard

    2. Communication: How Information is Processed

    3. Communication: Power of Words

    4. Communication: Listen for Meaning

    5. Communication: Power-Filled Choices

    6. Putting it into Practice

About this course

  • $678.00
  • 57 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content

Don't just take our word for it

Read what our graduates have to say

“This course has really changed my way of thinking and dealing with conflict”

“Honestly I didn’t think this was going to have much effect on my situation, but over the past few weeks we have become much more civil with each other. My current partner says she sees massive improvement in how myself and my co-parent communicate.”

“The other side (co-parent) may never come around—but you can—and that’s all you can do for your children.”

“I am surprised it’s more about me growing as a person, I personally am really enjoying that portion of it.”

“Each session seems to touch on something that is relevant to my current situation.”

“I was surprised to learn that I could miss things my kids are needing because I’m so preoccupied with my own emotions and hurt.”

“Everyone needs this course.”

“I did not expect to have so many practical take-home ideas to improve my kids’ experience.”

Awakened Parenting Program

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Program Founder

Senior Instructor Sharon Obiye

Facilitator Sherri Kun

Program Founder Joanna Shaw

My first love is teaching and working with people in a way that will allow them to transform their lives in a truly great way. I have taught several courses in the Social Science department at York University for 13 years and over the years have facilitated several children’s programs that focused on healthy families and personal growth. Out of this love has grown the work I do as an agent of the Office of the Children’s Lawyer where I represent children in family law disputes. Both as a mediator and a Children’s lawyer I encourage clients and lawyers on the opposing side to foster compassion for themselves and to see possibilities where there might not otherwise be any.

It's Time.

Build the skills to transform conflict into parenting partnership

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